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How to determine the lead-acid battery plate sulfide
Auther: Pubdate:2019-11-08


  Since in 1859, French physicist plante since the invention of lead-acid battery, prolong the service life of the battery is a major topic studied by people, and long-term practice, people use a number of ways to eliminate battery plate vulcanizing zhengzhou conley electronic how to introduce you to judge lead-acid batteries battery plate vulcanizing.


  (1) check for water shortage:


  After sufficient electricity, because the concentration of sulfuric acid is higher than before water loss, the open circuit voltage is higher. It is difficult to measure the concentration of sulfuric acid in sealed batteries, and the battery voltage reaches 13.4v.


  The electric car battery that USES 8 months above commonly has different degree of water shortage.


  (2) vulcanization judgment


  The battery can be considered to have been vulcanized in the following circumstances:


  1) the battery capacity is reduced, and the voltage is decreased by 0.1V, and the maximum amount of power released is only 0.5Ah;


  2) the electrolyte density is lower than normal value;


  3) the battery terminal voltage is too high at the beginning and end of charging; In particular, when charging the battery with less than 0.5a current, the voltage increases rapidly and rapidly reaches A high level (> 14.4v).


  4) bubbles are generated too early when charging or bubbles are generated when charging (open-cell);


  5) the temperature of electrolyte rises rapidly when charging.


  (3) plate softening judgment


  Open the battery came up from the battery, if there is a black substance that specification plate softening, extraction of electrolyte, if the electrolyte is not very cloudy, battery still can continue to use after repair, if the electrolyte is black, that plate softening, the battery is difficult to repair.


  Sealed battery without clear fluid, plate to soften the battery only after adding water oscillation can see dark, electrolyte battery discharge voltage is not lower than normal, even more, before discharge into the 12 v is almost everything is ok, but about 12 v, the rapid drop suddenly, inflection point greatly in advance, we can be thought of as serious happened plate to soften.


  (4) the battery discharge measurement, if every drop of 0.1 V battery begins to discharge the load voltage, discharge capacity of less than 0.4 C or load voltage drops rapidly under 11.8 V, and are generally less than 40% of the rated capacity of battery capacity, the batteries are no fixed value.


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