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What are the specific characteristics of solar colloidal batteries
Auther: Pubdate:2021-09-25

What are the characteristics of the solar colloidal battery produced by Kanglida? ? How much do you know about this problem? ? Today, the editor of Zhengzhou Kanglida Electronic Power Supply Co., Ltd. will give you some information on this issue. I hope it will be helpful to you. In the future, you can avoid detours when using and purchasing.


   1. The battery leaves the factory when it is charged, and it can be used without adding liquid to charge


   2. No memory, no need to recharge after discharge, suitable for circuit design


  3. The use of high-grade separators, strong adsorption, no flowing liquid in the battery (lean liquid)

What are the specific characteristics of solar colloidal batteries

  4, no acid leakage, the battery can be inverted at will, in line with environmental requirements, easy to use


   5. Using lead-calcium alloy, battery self-discharging electrode, easy to store, less maintenance


   6. Adopt ABS engineering plastic shell and valve control technology, which is convenient for safe use.


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