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How to judge whether there is a problem with the car battery
Auther: Pubdate:2021-09-17

How to judge whether there is a problem with the car battery? ? How much do you know about this problem? ? Today, the editor of Zhengzhou Kanglida Electronic Power Co., Ltd. will give you some information on this issue, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

   The vehicle is more difficult to start than usual, and it needs to be fired more than once, and it feels that the starting power is insufficient.

   When idling, the headlights quickly turn from bright to dark, indicating that the battery needs to be replaced.

   The engine makes an abnormal noise when starting, usually a slight squeaking noise, but it may disappear in two or three seconds or more; as the power becomes lower and lower, the frequency of this noise will gradually increase, indicating that the battery is deeply depleted.

   Under normal circumstances, the service life of a battery is 2 to 3 years (depending on the situation). It is recommended to replace it during this period to ensure driving safety.

How to judge whether there is a problem with the car battery

  What are the factors that affect battery life?

   Weather conditions: Compared with areas with lower average temperatures, the actual service life of batteries in areas with higher temperatures will be shorter.

   Number of electrical appliances in the car and frequency of use: The more electrical appliances in the car, the higher the frequency of use, and the shorter the service life of the battery.

  Start and stop frequency: frequent start and stop will shorten the service life of the battery.

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